Why Choose Us?

Certified Doctors and Therapists

The Scoli-Fit Program reaffirms our mission to improve health and quality of life in the Scoliosis community. To do this we are committing to evidence-based care. We are experts in matching the treatment to the patient, that is why we provide so many different types of Scoliosis specific care. Our Doctors and Therapists are highly trained and hold certifications, unlike other providers who try and fit you into their treatment.

Our commitment to the community:

Scoliosis and kyphosis are disorders that cause an abnormal curvature of the spine. It can progress rapidly during the growth spurt just before puberty or in Adulthood due to hormonal changes. Scoliosis can cause pain, disability, and an inability to perform daily activities.

People are searching for conservative treatments for Scoliosis because it involves less risk than surgery. Scoliosis Systems LLP specializes in the latest and most effective non-surgical treatments for Scoliosis and kyphosis based on validated research. Our Program in collectively called “Scoli-Fit”.

Scoliosis Systems doctors are Independent Contractors and are here to serve you in the United States and Dubai. We serve patients in 31 cities across the US. which include NY, CA, TX, FL, NC, WA, CO, and AZ.

Our Doctors create a specialized treatment plan for each individual based on an initial consultation, which may include spinal x-rays, vestibular and metabolic testing, and formetric 3-dimensional imaging. From this evaluation treatments may be recommended like flexible bracing, Schroth exercises, and chiropractic techniques, all are utilized to offer the most effective treatment for Scoliosis in children and adults. We would be honored to help you along your journey in overcoming Scoliosis.