Scoli-Fit Correction Program


Scoliosis Systems LLP founders who are Schroth-trained doctors designed the Scoli-Fit exercise program. Scoli-Fit is a comprehensive non-surgical scoliosis correction program, which utilizes three (3) dimensional directed breathing techniques, based on the original Schroth Method. This is used to reshape the rib cage and improve the function of the respiratory system. Both Static and Dynamic exercises are used to activate mechanically disadvantaged musculature responsible for the environmental progression of your scoliosis curvature.

The Schroth Method was developed in Germany by Katharina Schroth in 1927 for her scoliosis condition. This is a conservative method of treatment, which works with exercises that elongate the trunk, correct the imbalance of the body, and use a special breathing technique to change the shape of the thorax that has been affected by Scoliosis.

After becoming Schroth-certified at the Schroth Clinic in Germany, we have developed our version of the exercise method to account for contemporary understandings in exercise physiology and movement rehabilitation.

Services available vary depending upon location and provider. Not all services are available in all locations. Some providers are independent contractors and are not employees of Scoliosis Systems O & P LLC/ LLP